On August 11, 2015 | All, Pediatrics & Neonatology


  1. New-born babies should pass meconium (First stool) within 24 hours and urine within 48 hours.
  2. Breastfeeding should be started as soon as possible, usually within 30 minutes of normal delivery and within 4 hours in case of caesarean section.
  3. First 2 -3 days milk secretion will be less in most mothers but it will be sufficient for the baby as it is rich in energy. The milk secretion will increase only if baby keeps sucking at breast which leads to prolactin reflex and increase in milk secretion. So please make baby sucks every 2 hours.
  4. Red rashes over the face and body is common which needs no treatment.
  5. On second or third day new-born babies develop jaundice which is physiological and only few babies will require phototherapy if jaundice level is high. Frequent feeding will help to bring down jaundice.
  6. Nowadays in most of the hospitals BCG, Hepatitis B and Vitamin K are given at birth or before discharge.
  7. New-born and preterm babies should be nicely wrapped and kept warm.
  8. Honey, oil or other things should not be given to the baby as they are of no benefit and sometimes can result in serious problems.
  9. White discharge or bloody discharge from vagina in female babies are normal which does not require any treatment.
  10. All new-born babies lose weight in first 7 days as they lose excess water from the body. They regain birth weight at 10-12 days of life and from then onwards they should gain 30gms every day for first 3 months.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar