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Respect The Privacy Of Your Teen During A Doctor's Visit

teenager privacy at motherhood india hospital near me
Respect The Privacy Of Your Teen During A Doctor’s Visit

With the advancing age, the child undergoes an ocean change in emotions. You can observe this in the behavior of your teen or track the change in communication. Until now, you were the one to play a key role in all the activities beginning from taking the teen to the pediatrician and talking about his/her health. But now, your teen speaks more with the doctor and finds it embarrassing to discuss topics like hygiene and sexual activity. It is therefore recommended that the teen doctor talks be encouraged while respecting privacy.

Why Teens Need Privacy During Doctor Visits

Teens might find it embarrassing to have discussions on hygiene or other sensual topics like sex in front of parents. Your presence might hinder an open conversation. They fear being judged or are scared of what will you say once they are home. This leads to dishonest talk. Your presence would make your child feel guilty. There is no fear of perceived repercussions when the talk is private. The teen is more comfortable in such a setting.

Benefits of Private Talks with the Doctor for Teens

Private talks with the doctor could teach the teen to advocate for their health and well-being. They get the opportunity to speak independently which encourages positive behavior. There is no fear of judgment and punishment - the conversation becomes open and frank. The doctor will be able to review the behavior of your child well.

Having one on one talks with the doctor would encourage positive choices. Conversations that surround topics like sexual identity, body image, peer pressure, mental health, and substance abuse end up in positive choices. The doctor could guide the teen well on the consequences of substance abuse if the teen is comfortable enough.

All in all, respecting the teen's privacy with the doctor could create wonders for your teen's mental health and influence him/her in making positive decisions.

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