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How Parents Can Understand And Reduce Risky Teen Behaviour?

Risk-Taking Behaviour in Teenagers - Motherhood India Hospital
How Parents Can Understand And Reduce Risky Teen Behaviour?

Teenage is all about the rush of thrills, risk, and adventure. But when it comes to parenting a teenager, one must be careful of the ,risky teenage behavior. The sense of expression and individuality in a teenager has to be channelized for the well-being of your child. But how do you identify risky teenage behavior?

Common Risky Behaviors Among Teens

Teenage risky behaviour is identified by several changes in the child.

The risky behaviour includes -
Unprotected sexual activities
Risky use of social media like sexting and other activities
Tobacco smoking
Alcohol and other illegal substance use
Risky driving
Other illegal activities like trespassing and vandalism
Fighting and truancy

How Parents Can Understand And Reduce Risky Teen Behaviour?

Teenagers are thrill lovers. Thrill excites them like nothing else. But there are high chances of indulging in risky behaviors. But this energy could create wonders for teenagers who could channel this energy for good. Here's how you can channel the teenage thrill of your child into positive outcomes.

Try to channel all the rush into activities like Martial arts, rock climbing, and other constructive kinds of stuff, give more autonomy and independence to the teenager. Avoid using negative words.
Try to talk about behavior and consequences without making it sound like a lecture.
Keep an eye but be cautious. It shouldn't look like you're monitoring their activities.
Instil values through examples. It will be more effective.

All in all, you can reduce risky teen behavior by simply staying connected. Try to instill constructive energy without letting them know that they are being monitored. Try to avoid situations that could make them rebellious.

Encouraging a wide social network could help the teenager with self-acceptance and instill a positive attitude towards every situation. Apart from this teenagers must be guided on handling peer behavior as a teenager is a crucial time when peer pressure could take a toll on their mental health.

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