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Things To Remember While Raising Teens.

Things To Remember While Raising Teens.

Raising a teen isn't a cakewalk. Torn between the dilemma of giving independence and keeping an eye on the teens, many parents end up with the wrong approach. 

Things To Remember While Raising Teens

Here are a few pointers that could help you with raising teens:

Set boundaries but don't be restrictive: The key to having a healthy relationship with your teen is to set boundaries but not impose them. You can tell them or rather suggest that they shouldn't cross them.

Brainstorm together: While having discussions on any problem or situation, you must try to take their opinion and reflect on it positively. This allows you to stay connected with them while giving them the choice to give opinions. They feel good when their opinions are discussed.

Try to teach life lessons but it shouldn't sound like a lecture: Indulge them into money handling talks. Let them know about the ways you manage. This will teach them some basic life lessons.

Establish household guidelines together:  This will avoid situations where they feel that rules are being unreasonably forced.
Respect their boundaries - let them know that you care.

Building a Strong Relationship with Your Teen

Communicate honestly about sex, drugs, alcohol, and other things. This will instill a sense of independence and awareness
Be a good role model instead of giving boring lectures. Let them learn by example.Avoid forcing personal conformity. This could lead to rebellious behavior.Offer as much independence as your teen is capable of handling. Go for consequence-oriented talks.

Establish clear rules on behavior along with the consequences. This could help with raising well-rounded children who will do well in all spheres of life.Keep in mind that they aren't toddlers. Avoid being strict.Parents must know that their teens are undergoing changes on both physical and mental levels and therefore they must avoid being too harsh or too lenient.

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