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Sex Education for your Teen

Sex Education for Teenagers
Sex Education for your Teen

Adolescence is recognized by rapidly changing hormones that cause physical changes, particularly in the sex organs. This makes them more curious to explore these changes. They might indulge in the wrong sources of information which are very harmful. It is, therefore, necessary to impart sex education to teens. Teenagers have a constant focus on the sex arena and therefore it is the right time to educate them.

The need to impart sex education to teens:

To help them get the right information rather than misinformation.
To help them gain information and skills that could aid decision-making in relationships.
To impart the knowledge of good sexual health
For the development of social and emotional skills that impart the qualities to become caring and empathetic adults.

Sex education is also found to be effective to tackle growing health issues in this age group. It is believed that sex education could go a long way to help control AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory diseases, and syphilis.

The teens will be better equipped to understand the repercussions of teenage pregnancy on their health. Moreover, it stresses the role of abstinence and contraceptive methods including the use of condoms.

Consequences of sex education:

Appreciation of sexual diversity
Intimate partner violation prevention
Development of healthy relationships
Prevention of child sex abuse
Make healthy relationships
Make informed decisions about sex
Think critically about the world

Topics Covered in Sex Education for Teenagers

Sex education covers a wide range of topics beginning from body image, abstinence, contraception, gender human reproduction, human anatomy, pregnancy, and safe sex to sharing knowledge about birth control methods, sexual attitudes, sexual orientation, and sexually transmitted diseases.

It is important to impart sex education to teens as it helps them gain the right knowledge about sexuality. It is generally found that teens gather information from several sources which have a negative impact.

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