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Preconception Planning: Is Your Body Ready For A Second Baby?

Hormonal Balance and Nutrient Checks for a Second Pregnancy
Preconception Planning: Is Your Body Ready For A Second Baby?

The preconception period which is three to six months before pregnancy is a crucial time to ensure a healthy pregnancy. It could help you to seek clarity on boosting the chances of a healthy pregnancy. But do you know why is it necessary to plan a second pregnancy?

Why is it Necessary to Plan a Second Pregnancy?

It is because a woman's body takes immense time to recover from the first pregnancy. Research says that it takes a minimum of eighteen months for a woman's body to get ready for a second baby. After an ocean change in the hormones, how do you know if the body is ready for carrying a second baby?

Ensuring Hormonal Balance and Nutrient Checks for a Second Pregnancy

Folic acid is used up extensively during pregnancy. The body thus demands 50%more iron during pregnancy. Keeping a check on iron deficiency thus ensures that the baby isn't underweight or premature. Your store of iron and calcium has to be detained before being drained again. Otherwise, there will be adverse effects.

Hormonal balance:

It isn't safe to bear a baby with elevated progesterone levels. Hormonal upsurges and abrupt hormonal changes are common in pregnancy. One must allow the hormones to get back to normal before bearing a new child.

Hormonal checks and ovulation trackers play crucial roles to ensure that the body is ready for a second baby. Make use of an ovulation tracker to ensure that your cycles are normal and place the pregnancy in such a way that makes the best of your nutrient store. Your body must have all the nutrients for the baby's development. Also, one must ensure to keep an eye on the body weight and adjust it according to the body mass index (BMI). Apart from this, regular exercise could ensure that the body becomes healthy enough to bear a second child.

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