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Is There A Right Time To Get Pregnant? Consult The Doctors

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Is There A Right Time To Get Pregnant? Consult The Doctors

Timing is Key: Understanding Ovulation and Getting Pregnant

Timing is the key to getting pregnant. All you have to do is be in sync with the ovulation cycle. A brief window is available each month for conceiving. Women are more likely to get pregnant at the most fertile point of their monthly menstrual cycle which is marked by an upsurge in the luteinizing hormone. The most fertile phase lies 5-6 days before and after the day of ovulation.

While sperm can survive in a woman's reproductive tract for five days, the egg can be fertilized only between 12-24 hours after being released from the ovaries.

What happens during ovulation?

The ovary releases a mature egg.
The egg travels way down the fallopian tube.
The sperm may meet it in the process and fertilize the eggs.

Estimates say that the majority of pregnancies result from having sex during the periods. The likelihood of conceiving is therefore marked at 10% five days before ovulation and 33% on the day of ovulation.

In many cases, the lack of knowledge about the ovulation cycle and the signs of ovulation creates an obstacle to conceiving. The tricky part lies in identifying when ovulation occurs because every woman's menstrual cycle is different.

Ways to Track the Ovulation Period

Track your basal body temperature: It is the temperature when you wake up in the morning. During ovulation, it goes slightly up and stays up until the next period.
Make use of an ovulation predictor kit that is used to detect a surge in Luteinizing hormone.
Cycle charting apps could be helpful
Fertility monitors to keep a check on Luteinizing hormone and estrogen levels.
Cervical mucus method

There is a right time to get pregnant. All you have to do is track your cycle and time it right. Making out on the days close to ovulation is important.

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