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Safe Contraception

Practicing safe sex

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

You may be not ready to have a baby right now. While having no intention for starting a family, you may want to prevent your pregnancy while adhering to the safest possible way. Contraception is one of the ways that can prevent your pregnancy along with protecting you from sexually transmissible infections (STI’s).

Quick Fact:

World contraception day is celebrated on 26 September every year to provide right to all the couples and individuals to decide freely.

Safe contraception methods

While there are many options for contraception, but we will consider some of the methods that are safe for you:

  • Condoms: This is one of the effective contraceptive that not only prevents pregnancy but also provides protections against STIs. It is free from hormones and can be used on demand as well. While it renders a safety option, but it can come off during intercourse if not used properly.
  • Oral contraceptive pills: Being one of the most common methods used for contraception, oral contraceptive pills are of different types that are effective when used by women once a day. However, you should take these pills when recommended by a medical professional.
  • Intrauterine device (IUD): This is a small device comprising of progesterone hormone or copper which can be placed inside the uterus of a woman by a trained professional. It can be used for long run where it can be effective in birth control.
  • The contraceptive injection: Comprising progesterone, this injection can be inserted via woman’s buttock or upper arm where the hormone is released into the blood stream to render its job as a contraceptive.
  • Diaphragm: It can also act a safe contraceptive when placed correctly inside the uterus to prevent the fertilization. It is usually a small dome shaped silicon which can be used more than once as it can be taken out and cleaned.

The final decision of using a birth control contraceptive rests on the recommendations of your health care provider along with your partner.

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