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Tips for a healthy beginning for pregnancy

Tips to get pregnant fast
Tips for a healthy beginning for pregnancy

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

You need to take good care of yourself while on the journey of pregnancy in order to have a healthy baby. You should stay healthy before, through and after the pregnancy as well. So, this phase should begin in a healthy way.

Quick Fact:

Just after 14 weeks of pregnancy, a woman can start producing breast milk.

Tips for beginning a healthy pregnancy

Here are some essential tips to start your pregnancy in a healthy way:

  • Start visiting your doctor: As soon as you come to know about your pregnancy, you should consult your healthcare provider and take frequent visits to ask your impending questions and track your baby’s growth.
  • Taking vitamins: Even before getting pregnant, it is advised to start taking prenatal vitamins for your baby’s protection, which can be continued during the pregnancy as well.
  • Take your flu shot: Being pregnant can propose some additional risks to you and your baby where taking flu shots can prevent any serious infections.
  • Avoid soft cheese: It is better to avoid cheese made from raw or unpasteurized milk as it may act as a carrier of organisms harmful for your baby.
  • Tackle morning sickness: You may start to have morning sickness in the beginning of pregnancy where ginger and vitamin B6 can help with you with its symptoms, after being proposed by the doctor.
  • Exercising: You can start exercising along with yoga, swimming or walking for half an hour as these are safe practices and keep your body sound and healthy.
  • Visit your dentist: During pregnancy, gum diseases can be common where you need to consult a dentist as soon as possible.
  • Take some power naps: If you are problems with your sleep during the night, you can take power naps during the day.
  • Eat healthy and avoid toxins: You should consume healthy foods rich in nutrients and avoid toxins, such as alcohol, smoking, etc.

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