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Sex after menopause: Keeping the heat after the hot flashes

How to improve sex life during menopause?
Sex after menopause: Keeping the heat after the hot flashes

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

Menopause is attributed to physical and psychological changes in a woman which may affect her way of life. With the changing hormonal levels where they start to dip, life after menopause can change your experience of having sex, along with the desires for the same. However, there are some ways where you can adapt with the changing body and start to have a safe sexual life.

Quick Fact:

Around half of the menopausal women experience symptoms of pain, vaginal dryness and urinary problems.

How menopause affects your sex life

There are some outside factors of menopause that cause sex less pleasurable to you which affects your sex drive, as:

  • Insomnia: Symptoms of menopause can cause sleep problems which can have effect on your whole body and your sex life.
  • Mental health: Menopause may relate with depression which can affect the desires of a woman.
  • Vaginal changes and discomfort: Vaginal discomfort occurs when there is any sensation of pain or itching in the vagina, and this can reduce the pleasure women experience during sex after menopause, along with causing pain in the process as well.

How to improve sex life after menopause?

While there are some problems associated with sexual life after menopause, there are also some effective ways that can reduce the complications as:

  • Trying to engage in sexual activity, often
  • Application of vaginal lubricant or moisturizer before intercourse
  • Avoiding detergents or soaps that can cause dryness
  • Using lukewarm water and staying hydrated
  • Considering a therapist
  • Managing stress with exercise and relaxation activities
  • Bonding between couples

While these steps can be helpful, there are also some treatments for those who experience frequent and intense complications, as:

  • Using estrogen and progesterone medications to be placed directly on vaginal tissues to reduce dryness
  • Hormone replacement technique reduce vaginal dryness, discomfort and pains during sex.
  • Besides, medications for stress, anxiety or high blood pressure can help in reducing hot flashes and mood changes.

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