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Menopause and sleep related issues- Causes and treatments

Sleep issues during Menopause
Menopause and sleep related issues- Causes and treatments

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

While there are many changes that a woman has to cope with during menopause, like sweating, hot flashes, weight gain etc., sleeping problems are other disturbances that makes this period more difficult. Sleep disturbances and poor quality sleep are some changes during menopause that are common.

As in case of menopause, the production of estrogen and progesterone in the body decreases, which results in the various symptoms such as hot flashes (a feeling of warmth suddenly over the body) or sweating. Night time hot flashes also tend to awaken you from the sleep which can disturb the sleeping pattern. Besides, mood swings and anxiety also lead to difficulty in getting sleep where it has been proposed that sleep disturbance during menopause can also be attributed to underlying causes of anxiety and depression. Thus, these symptoms generally make it difficult to sleep which can relate with other prominent issues.

Treatment options to address the sleep problems during menopause

  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT): It involves the replacement of hormones including estrogen or progesterone that are not properly produced during this phase in the body. It is affective against hot flashes that can help in sleeplessness.
  • Low dose selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI): While they may be also used for mental health problems, they are effective in reducing hot flashes as well which can lead to better sleep.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT): It can be useful for those who are experiencing mood swings or anxiety issues as it helps to cope with these feelings which can also benefit your sleep.
  • Exercising and yoga: Meditation, exercises along with yoga and massage can also prove beneficial in improving sleep patterns.
  • Healthy eating: Eating nutritious foods along with avoiding foods that can trigger hot flashes can also be helpful in the cause.

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