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Nutrition & Mental Health: Can Diet Improve Your Mood?

Diet and mental health
Nutrition & Mental Health: Can Diet Improve Your Mood?

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

A healthy and balanced diet concurs to the healthy physical life of a person. Besides having this benefit, a well-balanced diet can also affect our mental health in a positive manner. It has been observed that a good food can have positive impact on the overall mental wellness along with being productive in managing mental illness like depression and anxiety.

When a healthy diet is consumed that is rich in nutrients, it can help to better the mood along with increasing the required energy levels. When the body is having a nutritious diet, it gains the tendency to think well with the elements that compromise our regular intake.

Importance of good food for sound mental health

  • When the food rich in carbohydrate is consumed, it contains the energy derived from the blood glucose which is used for the functioning of the body, of which 20% energy is devoured by the brain. Thus, having less carbohydrates tends to less energy which leads to the feeling of weakness, tiredness and vague thinking. Besides, fluctuating glucose levels can impact on the mood leading to the feelings of lowness, irritation etc.
  • Proteins are also required by the brain to regulate the thoughts and feelings.
  • Vitamins and minerals can also affect the physical and mental health where the lack of iron and vitamin B can lead to the feeling of tiredness, irritation, lowness etc. Besides, deficiency of folate and selenium can lead to the increased chances of depression and negative mood states.
  • Staying hydrated is also important to concentrate and think clearly.

Therefore, eating a balanced diet full of nutrition can help in the improvement of your mood, provide you more energy and also help you in thinking clearly.

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