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Ways To Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Habits In Your Child

Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Children - Motherhood India Hospital
Ways To Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Habits In Your Child

As a parent or caregiver, you play an enormous part in shaping children's eating and drinking habits. Once you make it a habit to consume foods and beverages that are low in added sugars, saturated fat, and salt and are high in fibre, the youngsters you look after may learn to love these foods likewise. If a toddler you're caring for doesn't sort of a new food straight away, do not be upset. Children often must see a replacement food again and again before they're going to try it.

Start with the basics: Eating habits and a balanced diet

As a parent or caregiver, you furthermore might have an impact on children's physical activity. You are doing not have to be an expert at any activity. Just stand up, move, and show children what proportion fun being active will be. They'll grow to love it too. you'll set an honest example by going for a walk or riding a motorcycle rather than watching TV, playing a computer game, or surfing the web. Find an activity that you just enjoy and might do together.

Create a supportive and positive home environment

As you learn more about a way to improve your health, take the time to speak to your children about how a specific food or physical activity may help them. As an example, when going for a walk, bring your children with you and allow them to pick the route. Discuss how walking helps you are feeling better and maybe a fun thanks to spending time together.

Celebrate progress and small achievements along the way

Speak up after you see unhealthy choices. Direct children to healthier options or say, "You can have a bit of that, but not an excessive amount." See them about why a very salty or heavily sugared snack isn't the most effective choice. Avoid making them feel guilty about their food or beverage choices. You'll also praise your children after they choose a healthy item like fruit.

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