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Dr. Asha Hiremath Critical Case 1

Dr. Asha Hiremath Critical Case 1
28-year-old Dr. Meena dentist by profession, diagnosed pregnancy for the first time. She had to undergo treatment for primary infertility which was successful & was diagnosed with twin pregnancy. She was extremely happy when her pregnancy was confirmed but unfortunately, she complained of pain in abdomen on & off. She was diagnosed with a fibroid (lump in uterus) about 9.8 Cms subserosal fibroid. In order to protect her pregnancy, we had to manage her with Dolo 650mg to control pain & any other treatment modality could affect her pregnancy. She was managed safely until 39 weeks & was delivered by LSCS healthy girl baby of 2.56kg and 2.93 Kgs boy baby born. sireesha-reddy

Dr. Asha Hiremath

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

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