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Eating Healthy During The Pandemic, And While Working From Home

Dr. Amit Gupta
Neonatology & Paediatrics

Consultant:  Nutrition & Dietetics at Motherhood hospital Gurgaon 

Staying healthy has to be your number one priority, especially during these uncertain times. While working from home, sometimes nutrition and eating healthy can take a backseat. How do you then ensure that you do not compromise on your health or eating habits? We’re here to help!

Shop for Your Meals in Advance

 It is always better to have a structure in place when it comes to planning meals. To avoid running out of food, or time to cook, make sure you shop for an entire week and plan each day’s meals in advance. Use the weekends to prep your meals so that you can cook quickly during the week..

Make Time for Meals 

Work may require you to spend a lot of time in front of the screen, but it is imperative that you schedule a time for meals. Opt for food that can be eaten out of a bowl, so that you can type and eat at the same time.

Try Real Food 

Processed food may be convenient, but the long-term effects of such a diet can be disastrous. Swap out the junk for real food and you’ll soon notice a visible difference in your energy levels. Ensure you have a healthy mix of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fibre in your daily diet.

Drink Lots of Water 

One of the main reasons for fatigue is dehydration. Even looking at a screen for long hours can dry your skin and eyes. A bottle of water on your work desk is a great idea to remind yourself to stay active, productive, and hydrated.

Add Dried Fruits and Nuts to the Diet 

To keep the mid-afternoon hunger pangs at bay, snack on dried fruits and nuts. These tiny bites are powerhouses of energy and essential vitamins — ideal to support a healthy metabolism. A small serving, if consumed daily, can provide various health benefits.

Did You Know?

  • In recent times, we have been flooded with an overload of information on what we should or shouldn’t do while working from home. Here are some interesting facts and figures that we found.
  • In India 82%, of employees miss their workplace due to a lack of personal interactions.
  • 52% of the Indian population reveal that they felt more productive working from home.
  • Side effects of remote work culture have become more prominent with increased cases of weight gain and health issues.
  • A study conducted on 12,000 employees in the US, Germany, and India reveal a correlation between employees who experienced better mental health and productivity in collaborative tasks.
  • Experts suggest the need for informal catch-ups and engagement activities for remote workers to ensure the mental well-being of employees.

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