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Fit Mothers, Fit Babies!


Physical exercises help in enhancing and maintaining body wellness and health. And during pregnancy, exercises are a must. However, there will be a slight change in the course of exercises from the normal regime. It is said that fit mothers have healthy and fit babies.

As much as stress and high amount of physical toil should be avoided during pregnancy, exercise on the other hand must be undertaken by all the mothers-to-be. Moreover, research is witness that women who stay fit during their pregnancy term are instrumental in the development of healthy hearts of their babies.

In addition to having healthy hearts, the babies also have healthy blood vessels which help in resisting any sort of problems in the arteries. And the positive consequences of exercising are extended to their adulthood. They develop a good immunity level as they grow older.

There are a lot of advantages of exercising during pregnancy. For the mother-to-be, exercises are recommended because they help in providing relief from backaches and also help in improving the posture of the body and preparing it for labor. If not at all days of the week, moderate intensity level exercises are recommended for pregnant woman timed at about 30-40 minutes per day. This helps in reducing constipation by accelerating the bowel movement and also helps in avoiding any kind of joint wear and tear which usually happens during pregnancy due to hormonal changes with the help of lubricating fluids in the joints.

If you are going to be a mommy, then the most important thing is for you to sleep well and be relieved of any type of stress and anxiety which might make you restless during the nights. Exercising on a regular basis during pregnancy increases the blood circulation in the body and results in a healthier glowing skin. Not only do you start looking more beautiful, you also are prepared to cope with labor pain and it is easier for you to get back into shape after the delivery of the child if you exercise while you are pregnant.

The biggest upside to being fit during pregnancy is that the risk of low birth weight, complications during pre-term delivery, or early pregnancy loss is minimized and the baby is born with a healthy heart and metabolism. The quality of the blood vessels in the pregnant women who exercise regularly is higher as compared to those who do not exercise.

When you exercise during pregnancy, there are significant changes in your vascular muscles that line the arteries which are of high importance in maintaining cardiovascular health. As a result of which, the baby is born with a strong inbuilt cardiovascular system and is helpful in avoiding a lot of diseases in future.

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