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Postnatal care tips every woman should follow

Postnatal care tips for new mothers
Postnatal care tips every woman should follow

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

Pregnancy is one of the hardest yet one of the most blissful moments in every women’s life who want to be a mother. But not enough people talk about the unforeseen challenges and overwhelming amount of different kinds of emotions flowing through the veins of the mommy-to-be. And how the arrival of a newborn changes the mental and physical state of the mother.

Before giving birth, the mother’s body undergoes a great deal of change. That’s why the postnatal stage is very crucial for the mother’s health, and following some useful tips mentioned below can make the healing process faster.

5 postnatal tips to remember:

  1. Take rest:

You probably guessed it to be here, didn’t you? I can not stress the fact enough that your body needs rest after undergoing such a big change. If you think, everything around you seems a bit out of place, let it be. It's important to get as much rest as you can to allow your body to repair. Simply remain in bed. That is all you need to do for the first few days or even a month in certain situations.

  1. Focus on your diet:

You do not need to prioritize exercise right away, just focus on eating healthily to maintain your current level of fitness. Avoid eating too much high-calorie food because it’s a myth that to better feed your infant, you must eat a lot of ghee and fat.

  1. Stay hydrated:

Your body requires a lot of water because it is still recovering from childbirth. You will urinate more frequently since your body will also be shedding the fluids it stored during pregnancy. Second, breastfeeding causes you to lose liquid once more, necessitating rehydration after each feeding.

  1. Stay physically active:

If your delivery was normal, you can begin working out right away. You can begin after a week if you underwent a Caesarean section, as staying active will help you lose pregnancy weight as well as combat stress, which is prevalent among new mothers.

  1. If needed call the doctor:

The first several weeks after giving birth, a new mother's body is fragile. Keep your doctor's appointment so they may examine your cuts and sutures. Do not hesitate to visit the doctor if you have a fever, shivering, disorientation, pain, or discomfort. In the event of a C-section, you should use additional caution.

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