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Postpartum Essentials For New Moms

Postpartum Symptoms in New Moms
Postpartum Essentials For New Moms

Author: Dr. Vijayalakshmi MBBS, DGO

Consultant - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Motherhood Hospitals, Indiranagar

Postpartum Symptoms in New Moms

Perhaps one of the most charming moments for a woman is to become a mother. However, those moments can gradually wane weeks on, punctuated thereafter by moments of physical and emotional challenges. The body naturally experiences a lot of changes after giving birth and while the focus has turned to caring for the baby, most forget that postpartum care for the mother is by far the most important aspect to take note of.

Every birth is unique, and therefore tough to determine the exact postpartum life of the mom. Understanding the ways a mother’s body may change, and taking appropriate steps during this postpartum period is a priority that will help you ease your life.

Postpartum Period

What to expect:

Some of the common postpartum changes can be:

  1. Constipation
  2. Hormonal changes
  3. Haemorrhoids
  4. Discomfort from C-section incision
  5. Fatigue
  6. Abdominal pain
  7. Difficulty urinating
  8. Soreness of the breasts and nipples
  9. Perineum
  10. Vaginal bleeding or discharge.

Postpartum care tips to follow:

The various ways in which pregnancy and childbirth affect the body may seem very intimidating, especially for new mothers. It can actually be tough to adjust to these changes; but postpartum health care tips help immensely in healing and taking care of the body, after giving birth.

1. Heal your body

The body experiences a lot during childbirth be it a vaginal delivery or C-section. It’s not as if you will get rid of postpartum challenges within a few days. It takes time and sometimes even months for the body to recover completely after pregnancy and childbirth. Let’s look at some of the steps that one can follow to gradually heal:

  • Vaginal soreness: Sit on a pillow or padded ring, use ice packs and keep your perineum away from irritation by spraying the area with warm water while urinating.
  • C-section scar: Consult your doctor about the care you need for C-section scar and clean it gently before applying an antibiotic ointment.
  • Pelvic floor changes: Perform regular Kegel exercises to provide your vagina and perineum with enough recovery after stretching during delivery.
  • Tender breasts: Frequent breastfeeding helps relieve engorged breasts and you can also try ice packs, warm compresses and gentle massaging in case of aches.

2. Give priority to rest

The extreme physical toll of labour and then having sleepless nights with the new-born can exhaust the new mom. Do not forget to give priority to your sleep to avoid postpartum fatigue. Make it a point to take a quick snooze whenever the baby is asleep.

3. Ask for help

At times new moms may feel shy and hesitant to ask for help from others. Do not forget that you definitely need postpartum care, and life for a new mother can be much easier and recovery faster, once you have assistance from friends and family.

4. Keep moving

Regular exercise and physical activity have shown great results in recovery from postpartum symptoms. Exercise is a great tool to boost energy levels, relieve stress and strengthen muscles after childbirth, however, it is best to consult your doctor before getting on a regime. Usually, most of the doctors will ask you to avoid rigorous activity and focus on gentle exercise such as walking in the garden and so forth.

5. Healthy diet

Eating well and healthy is always beneficial in postpartum care. It will help you fight constipation and fatigue while assisting you to shed the extra weight you gained during pregnancy.

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