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Food cravings start during the early stages of pregnancy, when your body is still in the process of getting used to the new changes and is filled with pregnancy hormones. The urges are sudden and mostly radical and random, or so it seems, ranging from ice to potato chips and pickles to chocolate. But what do these cravings mean? Is it an additional part of healthy nutrition during pregnancy or is it just your body adapting to the changes?

What causes food cravings?

Well, although there is no definite proof about this but it is said that our body knows what it needs or lacks and during pregnancy, it is this inbuilt system that kicks in. Many theories surround this study, however some absurd cravings like cigarette butts or chalk still remain unexplained, or even the fact that some women develop a sudden distaste or repulsion for a certain food, which they may have loved otherwise, like the smell of eggs frying or the smell of rich spices.

To help you understand your cravings, we have listed a few of the top cravings and their probable significance or relevance.

Nutrition benefits from your cravings

Pickles-If you are low on sodium, pickles are likely to be your craving. But the likeness for pickles does not end with sodium; it could very well just be the flavor that you prefer. The same reason you crave for something crunchy and salty and think about potato chips.

Ice Craving for ice could mean an iron deficiency. Although ice does not have a significant amount of iron, women who craved ice during pregnancy seem to have iron deficiency.

Chocolate Women found low on magnesium have often had craving for chocolate. Some other alternative can be whole grains, nuts, beans and green vegetables.

Red meat Red meat is an easy source of protein. A lack in protein may cause a craving for red meat.

Fruits -Some researchers believe that fruits like watermelons and grapes act as cooling agents for pregnant women. It is also a source of Vitamin C for the mother and her child.

Spicy Food Cravings for spicy food can be related to the body trying to cool off by sweating. Pregnancy causes the body to heat up; eating spicy might just help you keep your body cool.

Lemons It's not unnatural to see pregnant women crave for something sour. Lemons contain many beneficial vitamins but apart from that, the sourness helps reactivate the taste buds occasionally.

Now that you have a brief guide on your cravings, eat up, stay healthy but control your urges on bizarre cravings, we still don't know what they mean and it is as confusing to us as it is to you!

Disclaimer:The information contained in this issue is not a substitute for medical advice. All content including text, graphics and images are for general information purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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