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Things you should know to control Vaginal Yeast Infection By Dr. Asha Hiremath

Things you should know to control Vaginal Yeast Infection By Dr. Asha Hiremath

Vaginal yeast infection is a common condition that contains yeast and bacteria cells. However once there is a change in the balance of bacteria and yeast they can multiply which can cause intense itching, swelling and irritation. But the condition is treatable and depending on the severity this can be either cured in a few days or may take upto 2 weeks. Vaginal hygiene is a must to keep fungal/bacterial infections at bay. Infact yeast infection is one of the most common infection that women complain most of the time.

Some of the symptoms to identify yeast infection is vaginal itching, burning sensation during sex/urination, painful sexual intercourse, swelling/redness around the vaginal area, rash and soreness.  Seeking help from a Gynaecologist at the earliest is of prime importance as this can help in arresting the symptoms early. Any foul smell in the vaginal discharge can lead to serious consequences and must be treated immediately.

Diagnosis of yeast infections

It is easy to diagnose yeast infection. Doctor will check for medical history on yeast infections or an STI. This will be followed by pelvic examination of vaginal walls & cervix and also check for any secondary infections around the area. Sample cells will be collected from the vaginal area and sent for lab investigations.

Some of the major causes that leads to yeast infections are; hormonal pills, pregnancy, birth control pills, uncontrolled diabetes, consumption of antibiotics and vaginal sprays. There is a common myth that women can contract this infection only during summer season but women are prone to this infection even during winters. Here are some easy tips to avoid yeast infection.

  • Wear right sized underwear  It is important to choose the right fit of the underwear and to avoid synthetic or a tight fitting underwear. As it can increase body temperature and enhance buildup of moisture in the vaginal area that can cause yeast infection.
  • Do not wear tight pants  Tight pants around vaginal area can provide an environment to thrive for yeast infection as this can lock the moisture around your private parts
  • Change your wet cloth  It's important to change wet panties/clothes post a work out/ swim of exposure to heavy rains.
  • Scented products are a complete no : Use of scented sprays/wipes around vagina is not advisable
  • Barrier methods more suitable: It is advisable to use barrier methods for prevention of fungal infection transmission
  • Period Hygeine  It is extremely crucial to maintain vaginal Hygeine during menstrual cycle .Regular change of sanitary pads, tampons is important.
  • Keeping diabetes under check  Women must maintain sugar levels to avoid any serious infections and manage diabetes.
  • Limit the use of antibiotics  This must be taken only under medical prescription and if it is only absolutely necessary.

Early medical intervention and consultation with your gynaecologist can save you from all the suffering.

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