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Reasons To Immunize Your Child.

Reasons To Immunize Your Child.

In the past few months, the word immunity has become a  commonplace term in our daily life, especially in the current  COVID19 scenario. Immunity has achieved enormous  importance and everyone is constantly striving to enhance it  through various means. As a parent, you would be naturally  concerned about your child's immunity. To make your little one  immune to most diseases and infections, understand the  importance of immunization. 

Vaccines produce immunity through the manufacturing of  antibodies in the body that works like the protective agents  countering any attack of infectious diseases and other  conditions. By following the schedule of timely vaccination, your  child can be protected from a lot of diseases such as polio, whooping cough, tetanus, hepatitis, etc.  

In our country, we have various government-run health  awareness campaigns that highlight the importance of  immunization and some vaccines are available for free at  designated centres on scheduled dates. However, every parent  needs to be aware and follow the vaccination schedule that  starts from the time of birth until the child becomes a teenager. 

Today, let's explore the reasons to immunize your child and gain an understanding of the vaccination schedule you need not  miss. 

Not only vaccination helps in countering any future dangerous  diseases but also helps in controlling the spread among children.  This gains significance as children as toddlers have more  exposure to the external environment such as schools, play  areas, creches, nurseries, etc. Despite the current COVID situation, children are less exposed; it is still recommended to  keep a tab of the immunization schedule. Isn't it better to be  safe than sorry? On another note, we hope things get back to  normal and our children have a better and safe world to explore  and enjoy! 

Do you understand that by following a proper vaccination  schedule, you can avoid severe health complications, serious  illnesses, and hospitalization of your child?  

Despite the world not being safe enough to travel right now,  wouldn't you want your child to travel freely without any  potential health threats? Are you aware that measles can be contracted during travel? Therefore, it is essential to take the vaccine shots as per the schedule. 

Considering our social commitment, it is important to keep our communities free from disease. You can do a small but  significant part by taking your child to the doctor for the vaccination procedure. Let us commit to keep our community  and country free from the impending dangers of diseases by doing our bit. 

Now, let us look at the vaccination schedule to be followed for  your child during the early stages: 

  • At birth, you need to vaccinate your child against polio and Hepatitis (B) and also have Bacillus Calmette¬ü??Gu??rin (BCG)¬† administered.¬†
  • When your baby reaches 6 weeks, ensure to have DTP 1, IPV1,¬† Hepatitis B (B2), HIB1, Rotavirus 1, and PCV1 vaccines¬† administered.¬†
  • At 10 weeks, remember to have your baby vaccinated against¬† HIB2, IPV 2, Hepatitis B (HB 3), Rotavirus 2, and PCV 2.¬†
  • At 14 weeks, your baby needs to get vaccinated against HIB 3,¬† IPV3, Hepatitis B (HB*4), Rotavirus 3, and PCV 3.¬†

From 6 months until your child enters and completes the teen  years, there is a detailed vaccination schedule.

For more information on the importance of vaccination and the  various boosters to improve, talk to our experts. 


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