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When & How to Use Ovulation Calculator & Calendar

ovulation calculator and calendar
When & How to Use Ovulation Calculator & Calendar

Author: Dr. Sharvari Mundhe  MBBS, MS,DNB, FRM,DRM
Consultant: Obstetrician and Gynecology at Motherhood Hospital Sarjapur Bangalore

Ovulation calculator, also known as an ovulation day calculator or ovulation date calculator, is a tool specifically designed to predict the ovulation period based on the length of your menstrual/period cycle. Due to its ability to pinpoint the days of the cycle that are the most fertile, this tool can be very helpful for women who are trying to get pregnant. 

Step by step instruction manual for using an ovulation calculator is provided below:

  • Step 1: How Long Is Your Menstrual Cycle? To use an ovulation calculator, find out how long your menstrual cycle is. The menstrual cycle is determined by counting the days between the first day of one period (the day when bleeding begins) and the first day of the subsequent period. Each woman's menstrual cycle is unique and lasts, on average, 28 days. Some women's cycles can last 21 days, while others in early adolescence can range between 21 and 45 days and up to 35 days in maturity. To accurately gauge the length of your menstrual cycle, keep track of it for 6 months. This will provide you with a more precise average, particularly if your cycle length varies from month to month.

  • Step 2: The first day of your most recent period should be entered: The calculator will now need the date of the start day of your most recent menstruation. This day serves as the beginning point for estimating when you may ovulate again. It's crucial to enter this date as accurately as you can. If you're unsure, attempt to recall any activities or events that took place close to the time of your most recent period to assist trigger your recollection. If you're still hesitant, it's best to hold off until your subsequent period and then begin monitoring.

  • Step 3: Enter the length of your menstrual cycle on average: You must enter the average duration of your menstrual cycle after entering the date of your most recent menstruation. From the first day of one period to the first day of the following, there are thus many days. Take the average of the cycle lengths from the previous three months if your cycle length changes more than a few days every month. Your cycle length will be more precisely estimated as a result. If you're just starting to chart your cycle, it can take a few months before you can get an accurate average.

  • Step 4: When you have completed entering all the required information, click the calculate button. The calculator will then estimate the days when you are most fertile. This window normally lasts for six days, including the day of ovulation as well as the five days prior to it (since sperm can remain viable in the body for up to five days). If you're hoping to get pregnant, this fertile window is the optimal time to have intercourse..


Please keep in mind that this ovulation calculator only offers an estimate of when you will ovulate, not an accurate ovulation period. The timing of ovulation can occasionally be impacted by elements including stress, sickness, and changes in habit. As a result, it's crucial to pay attention to your body and watch out for other ovulation period indicators including changes in cervical mucus and slight pelvic pain.

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