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How to find the best Gynaecologist

While Obstetrics deals with pregnancy, labour, and childbirth, gynaecology deals with the well-being of the female reproductive system. More often than not a gynaecologist is an obstetrician as well. The two professions are often combined and referred to as an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist.

A visit to an Gynaecologist in Indiaranagar, Bangalore is essential for women when it comes to maintaining reproductive health and wellness. While these visits are understandably nerve-racking, the anxiety can be lessened if the Gynaecologist is well respected, professional, and trustworthy. Choosing the right Gynaecologist can be tricky. Here are some important factors to consider when deciding on who is best for you.

Identify Gynaecologists near Indiranagar, Bangalore by taking referrals from family and friends. Ask them questions like – How good are they in their communication? Do they take time to patiently explain things? Is the Gynaecologist attentive to their needs? Do they have the required experience? You can also check online for reviews on gynaecologists in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

The first and the most important quality an Gynaecologist should possess is a commitment to the patient’s well-being. If he/ she is not patient, calm, or interested in the well-being of the patient, then this will be immediately sensed by those who go to seek the doctor’s advice. They will also get disappointed and look for an alternative. On the other hand, if they sense that comfort and develop trust, they will not just be willing to consult the doctor, but even recommend the professional to friends/ relatives.

Any healthcare professional must give his/ her patient a good amount of time and hearing. This is even more applicable with Gynaecologists as they deal with a woman’s health and reproductive system. They must give a patient hearing and identify specific health issues related to their patients. Only then will they be able to identify health issues and treat them effectively before they could turn to something potentially concerning.

Besides being attentive to the patient’s concerns, a Gynaecologist also needs to communicate effectively. Procedures and surgeries will have to be explained with utmost care and patience. Instructions should be given out as clearly as possible. This will help in building trust between the doctor and patient. There could be emergencies where calm communication is essential. A good Gynaecologist will draw on all his/ her experience when unique issues present themselves. A professional who is confident in his communication skills will find it easier to get through these challenges.

Professionalism is another quality of a successful Gynaecologist. He/ she should be certified with all the required credentials. The individual must constantly update his/ her knowledge to keep up with the latest trends in gynaecology. Most aspiring Gynaecologist major in subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Women’s Studies. Apart from this, they should also have a professional attitude while dealing with patients and should make sure they are comfortable and at ease. Being able to advise clients on issues both from within and outside of the medical field is what separates an ordinary Gynaecologist from a successful one.

Qualities of passion, attentiveness, effective communication, and professionalism help build a good reputation. Patients are more likely to visit a Gynaecologist with a good reputation and positive reviews. They are also more likely to refer a reputed Gynaecologist to family and friends.

Considering the intimate nature of the job, a Gynaecologist should be considerate while dealing with female clients. Embarrassment can prevent many women from opening up issues related to reproduction. A good Gynaecologist should be compassionate while asking questions and make patients feel comfortable enough to share their private concerns.

Finally, a good Gynaecologist should be easily accessible at all times. If an emergency arises, the doctor should be able to be reached on short notice and should clear his schedule immediately to deal with the emergency. A good Gynaecologist will make it clear to his patients that he is available at all times and will encourage them to reach out if they are facing even minor issues.


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