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Essential steps to a safe and healthy pregnancy

Tips to safer pregnancy
Essential steps to a safe and healthy pregnancy

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

Pregnant? Its more than important to take care of yourself where you have to make sure you and your baby are as healthy as possible.

Quick Fact: Babies start to cry in the womb silently as early as 28 weeks.

Steps for healthy pregnancy

Here are some essential steps that you should undertake in order to have a safe and healthy pregnancy:

  • Educate yourself: There may be some questions revolving in your mind regarding childbirth along with specific concerns. You can voice your thinking by joining a childbirth class where you can learn about the pregnancy and infant care along with preparing for delivery. Besides, you can get to a healthy start by consulting a health care provider for prenatal care.
  • Eat well: While you are feeding two in your pregnancy, you need to increase your calorie intake by 300 mg a day. You need to consume a diet inclusive of calories, proteins, calcium etc. Moreover, along with having a nutritious diet you equally should stay away from food items that can pose danger to you and your baby, like undercooked meat or eggs, raw seafood, fish with mercury, etc.
  • Avoid toxins: Tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc. have been related with birth defects, preterm labor and other problems during pregnancy where they should be avoided to ensure your journey is safe.
  • Stay hydrated and drink well: You should drink ample amounts of water to stay hydrated along with keeping a healthy bowel movement. While water is the best liquid to drink, other liquids as caffeine should be limited for it lacks nutritional value.
  • Sleep and move well: While pregnancy can relate with some exhaustion, there is a need to take naps and rest enough. You can improve your sleeping with some relaxation techniques before going to bed like yoga, stretching etc. Additionally, rest is good along with exercising quotient that will help you to stay strong while keeping your heart and lungs healthy. Regular stretching and exercising can relieve you from pregnancy discomforts like backaches, constipation, morning sickness etc.

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