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Family planning and child care

Family planning and child care

Family planning is the right of everybody where it depends upon the couples whether they choose to have a baby or not. Family planning allows you to understand the importance of pregnancy spacing and the factors that are to be considered before trying to conceive. If you are planning on for a pregnancy, you should also know about the care your child will require at different stages of life.

Quick Fact:

Many unplanned pregnancies can occur in the very few months after giving birth to a child.

Family planning

It is always better to plan your pregnancy so that you are ready for conception or otherwise. While you may not be ready to have a child for some years, family planning gives you another benefit to prepare and time your pregnancy as well. For those who already have a child, trying for another pregnancy can be question they might be pondering upon. Therefore, spacing between pregnancy becomes also important where your preferences matter. While the research suggests than you should plan your second pregnancy after 18 to 24 months, but keeping this space below five years is considered better.

When it comes to not having a baby, it is better to look out if you are having unprotected intercourse. Talking to your doctor and conferring with the use of contraceptives can help you plan your life accordingly.

Child care

If you planned to go ahead with pregnancy and start your family, you need to be committed towards the care and development of your child as well. It is up to the parents to ensure their child is safe, stimulating and growing in the environment along with yielding opportunities for his development. Parents need to understand that how children grow and how to respond to their needs as well. Besides, they should also make up to the clean and safe environment around them along with looking upon their nutritional requirements.

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