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Importance Of Teens Talking To The Doctor Privately

Doctor listening to a teen's concerns at motherhood hospital
Importance Of Teens Talking To The Doctor Privately

A lot has to be taken care of while fostering a teen's health and well-being. From managing the emotional upsurge to other behavioural changes, driven by ,hormonal changes, teens go through a lot. Not just teens, parents undergo a crucial phase where they have to behave patiently for their teen's well-being. Private talks between the teen and the doctor form a significant part of this process.

Creating a Safe and Open Environment for Teens

Your teen undergoes a series of new experiences day in and day out. He/she might not discuss everything with you. Be it any sort of peer pressure or another incident, the teen might feel shy in front of you. They often find it embarrassing to discuss "such things" with their parents.

Providing Objective Analysis and Education on Sexual Health

Here's how private talks with the doctor could foster the well-being of your child.

Private discussion with the doctor accounts for a safe and open environment. The teen feels safe with the doctor to ask about any health-related issue or share an experience out of curiosity to know its consequences.

Such an environment enables the doctor to objectively analyze and educate your teen on sexual health. Such talks end up implanting good ideas in their heads. Teens gather all sorts of knowledge from the internet but have the least knowledge of using it or end up misinterpreting it. These talks could help with the better utilization of such knowledge. Teens love these talks. The doctor makes it more life centric unlike the normal talks at home that are individual-centric. They find it comfortable to discuss this way. This could end up in teen awareness regarding the risks of substance use. They learn more about the consequences of alcohol, drugs, and other substances.

In a nutshell, you and your pediatrician share a common end goal - ensuring the child's health ,and well-being. You can communicate with your teen at home. But that communication becomes too individual-centric. In the hands of a professional who deals with several teens daily, the communication becomes open-ended which is loved by the teenagers and is excellent for their mental health.

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