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What A Woman's Body Experiences In Their 50s?

Immune System Changes
What A Woman’s Body Experiences In Their 50s?

Hormonal Shifts and Menopause Symptoms in Women Over 50

Ageing relates to many changes in the body where a woman undergoes some major changes during her 50s. The hormonal changes along with the physical changes are worth noticing during this period, as:

Hormonal changes: During this phase of life, menstruation will cease in women where there will be changing levels of estrogen and other dominant hormones. This alteration can lead to some uncomfortable symptoms while the body is dealing with it, like hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, sleep issues, and importantly, anxiety. Besides, the lining of the vagina also becomes thinner and drier.

Immune System Changes and the Importance of Staying Healthy After 50

After the age of 50, the immune system can gradually go slower to invade viruses or any outside threats that can cause infections or any other disease. Besides, the number of fighter cells in your body will also decrease and you are likely to get sick when in contact with any virus, bacteria or pathogen.

Maintaining Strong Bones and Heart Health Through Exercise and Nutrition

Weaker Bones and joints: Postmenopausal phase often leads to calcium deficiency which can lead to weaker bones. During younger years, the body has the capability to replace the broken cells with new and strong ones. However, with age, this tendency decreases where a person has more broken-down cells than replaced ones. In the same way, the joints also become weaker as the tissues and cartilage surrounding them begin to thin over time.
Muscle changes: Besides bone strength, muscle strength is also lost at a rapid rate after turning 50.
Chances of heart attack: With increasing age, the chances of heart attack also increase. The Postmenopause phase results in the decline of estrogen which is linked with the increasing risk of heart disease in women.
A combination of a healthy diet along with exercise can attribute to healthy living in ageing women.

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