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Infertility Specialist

Dr. Arul Mozhi



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Dr S V Sangeetha


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Lactation Consultant

Dr. Sonali Santhanam


Lactation Consultant and Physical Therapist

With over 45 Specialties in Women and Children Health available, Motherhood India is the best hospital for comprehensive medical care. Our team of renowned experts from almost every field related to women and child health ensure that our patients have their every concern attended to with the utmost care. With more than 12,000 happy patients to our name, our success stories are the only proof we need that Motherhood India provides women with the best attention they can ask for. We also provide free online tools like our Pregnancy Week Calculator and Ovulation Calendar Calculator to help every woman increase her chances of conception. At Motherhood India in Chennai, our highly-acclaimed Obstetrics and Gynecology Department is what makes us the best destination for women and child healthcare in Chennai. With a team that includes the best gynecologist in Chennai, choosing to embark on your journey towards parenthood with us will be the best decision you will make. You can have the best gynecologist in Chennai on your team, so you can be confident that your pregnancy will be complication-free.

Throughout our experience in working with mothers, however, we have noticed that women are more concerned about their child’s health than their own. This is why at Motherhood India, we don’t just offer unmatched medical expertise for every woman, but also to their child. The Neonatology and Pediatrics Department at Motherhood Chennai includes a team of renowned specialists from the field who collectively bring years of experience to the table. With their knowledge gained through treating hundreds of cases, our Neonatology and Pediatrics experts ensure your child receives the best medical care. They are especially equipped to deal with premature births, which are extremely delicate cases which require top experts. When you have our Neonatology and Pediatrics Department handling your case, you can be confident that they are providing your child with the best medical care they can receive. So book your appointment with Motherhood Chennai at the soonest to experience a joyful, complication-free pregnancy.