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Posterior vaginal prolapse or rectocele occurs when the thin wall of tissue that separates the rectum and vagina weakens, forming a bulge in the vaginal wall. Various processes like childbirth can put pelvic tissues under pressure resulting in rectocele. In the initial stage, there would not be any visible signs or symptoms. However in case it is large, one may witness a noticeable bulge of tissue through the vaginal opening which can turn out to be uncomfortable and painful at times.


Although a small sized rectocele won’t show any signs or symptoms in severe cases one would notice the following symptoms:

  • Soft bulging tissue in the vagina that may protrude through the vaginal opening
  • Trouble with bowel movement
  • Sensation of fullness or rectal pressure
  • Feeling of the unemptied rectum after a bowel movement
  • Facing sexual concerns like feeling embarrassed or sensing looseness in the tone of vaginal tissue



Dr. Suganya. S.

MBBS, FRGUHS - Paediatric Dermatology, MD, DNB
Consultant - Pediatric Dermatology
Bangalore, HRBR Layout

Dr. Ashwini M. Patil

MBBS, MD - Radiology
Consultant - Radiologist
Bangalore, HRBR Layout

Dr. Dhanalakshmi R

MBBS, PGPN(Boston University)., Fellowship in Neonatal Medicine (UK), DNB
Consultant - Paediatrician and Neonatologist
Bangalore, HRBR Layout

Dr. S. Giridhar

MBBS, DM(Neonatology)., MD(Pediatrics)
Consultant - Paediatrician and Neonatologist
Alwarpet, Chennai