Types of Deliveries

Normal Delivery

It is defined as a natural way of bringing the baby into this world. It is not difficult to have natural and normal childbirth unless you have some medical complications. The vaginal birth process helps in having a healthy baby and a quick recovery.

What are the signs and symptoms of Normal Delivery?

You may experience changes a few weeks before the expected due date. However, the signs vary from one woman to another and from pregnancy to pregnancy.

Symptoms that appear one to four weeks before labour:

  • Lack of coordination
  • Loosened joints
  • Urge to urinate
  • Braxton Hick’s contractions (false contractions)
  • Dilation of the cervix
  • Watery stools

Symptoms that appear days or hours before labour:

  • Increased and thicker vaginal discharge
  • Pinkish and thick mucus in urine
  • More frequent and stronger contractions
  • Pain in the lower back that radiates to abdomen and legs
  • Rupture of amniotic sac (water breaking)

Advanced symptoms:

  • Warm sensation in the abdomen
  • Increasing contractions
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Intensifying back pain
  • Severe pain from contractions

Why should you prefer Normal Delivery?

Giving birth to a baby is a natural process, and the human body is designed for it. Healthy women may not even require painkillers or epidural.

Here are a few points which will tell you why you should keep your delivery as natural as possible:

Shorter Labour: Painkillers and epidurals slow down the contractions and increase the total labouring period. When you don’t feel the contractions, you will not know when to push and cannot progress to the labouring stage.

Epidural leads to medical interventions: Epidural disconnects you from the natural push action, so doctors give uterine stimulants or assist delivery by vacuum or forceps.

Healthier for both mom and baby: Normal delivery requires a short recovery time. Babies receive protective bacteria from the birth canal, which helps build their immune system. It also decreases the risk of respiratory diseases.

Facilitates breastfeeding: Usually delivered babies adapt to breastfeeding with ease. Also the pain relievers given in C-section deliveries pass on to the baby through breastfeeding.

Shorter hospital stay: Vaginal birth entails a shorter hospital stay and recovery time comparing to C-section.

What is the Process of a Normal Delivery?

A vaginal birth is divided into three stages:

Stage 1: It consists of three phases:

Latent: this phase last from six to ten hours in first-time pregnancy and cervix dilates from 0-4 cm during this phase.

Active: This phase last from three to six hours in first-time pregnancy and for a lesser time in the subsequent deliveries.

Transition: This phase last from 20 minutes to 2 hours in the first-time pregnancy and lesser duration the subsequent pregnancies.

Stages 2: This stage begins with a fully dilated cervix, and it lasts from half-an-hour to two hours in first-time pregnancy and reduces in subsequent births.

Stage 3: In this stage, the placenta is removed from the body, and it usually takes about a few minutes to half-an-hour.

How long does Normal Delivery last?

Vaginal delivery in a first pregnancy usually takes about 12 to 14 hours, and the process gets shorter for subsequent deliveries. However, the length and intensity of delivery depend on the following factors:

  • Number of deliveries so far
  • The intensity of pain and contractions
  • Ease of cervical dilation
  • Baby’s position

Why Motherhood?

At Motherhood Hospital, we recognize that each woman has unique healthcare needs. We have a team of highly skilled experts with advanced training and specialization in women’s healthcare. From well-woman care to obstetrics to minimally invasive gynaecological surgery, we are here to provide the caring and expert care you deserve.

At Motherhood, our services focus on the individual needs of each woman including diagnosis and treatment. Our gynaecologists listen, understand your problems and provide a suitable solution after thorough diagnosis that will help you achieve the best possible results and quality of life. With our experienced staff, state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-equipped laboratory services we are certain that we will cater to all your needs and provide you a safe and effective comprehensive solution. Our experts will recommend you treatment options after careful examination and even collaborate with experts from other fields of expertise like uro-gynaecology, gynaecologic oncology and reproductive endocrinology if required, to ensure you receive the best multidisciplinary care.

Assisted Delivery

It is a type of assisted vaginal delivery which is needed in the course of vaginal childbirth. In a forceps delivery, a doctor applies forceps to the baby’s head to help guide the baby out of the birth canal. It is usually done during a contraction while the mother pushes.

Cesarean section

A caesarean section or C-section is a procedure where the baby is delivered surgically through the mother’s abdomen. These surgeries can be planned or in some cases recommended by the doctor when unexpected problems arise during the delivery.

Painless Delivery(Epidural)

Painless Delivery: An approach to birthing with confidence

Many women wonder is it really possible to have a painless normal delivery? Is it safe? What are its pros and cons? Being a pregnant woman, it is necessary that you get the guidance and support that will help you approach labour with confidence.

Vacuum Assisted Delivery

Assisted delivery is one where vaginal delivery is performed with the help of an external device. Also called as instrumental birth, assisted birth is required when your baby needs help to be born, and this is done with the help of a soft cup and a vacuum pump.


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