Elderly Primigravida

The process of conceiving is a very complex. For a pregnancy to be successful, various factors need to fall in place like the time of ovulation, health of semen, quality of egg etc. With age, the fertility potential of both men and women keeps falling. Moreover in contemporary society, the average age of conception or couples trying to get pregnant is increasing, resulting in an increased number of complications.

What is elderly primigravida?

The elderly primigravida is defined as a woman who gets pregnant for the first time at the age of 35 or more. Traditionally, elderly primigravida is considered to be a high-risk pregnancy having an increased probability of complications. However, with the help of advanced technology, the risk has been reduced significantly and many studies have been done to know the actual risk of elderly primigravida as compared to a younger pregnant woman.


Some of the most common risks of getting pregnant over the age of 35 are:

  • Genetic risks: With the advancement of maternal age, the risk of various genetic disorders in the child increases significantly. Studies have found that older women are at a higher risk of giving birth to children with congenital anomalies characterised by abnormal chromosome numbers. Studies have also found that children born to older women are at a higher risk of disorders like Down’s Syndrome.
  • Miscarriage: Modern research has proven that the risk of a miscarriage increases progressively with maternal age. This is mainly due to the decline in the quality of eggs as a woman advances in age.
  • Stillbirth: This is another major cause of worry in older pregnancies. The probability of stillbirth is higher in women who deliver a child beyond the age of 35 and it’s studies show that the risk is even higher in case of women who deliver their first child beyond the age of 35 (elderly primigravida).
  • Other risks: Besides the above-mentioned risks, there is an increased risk of gestational diabetes, placenta previa, preterm birth, abnormal birth weight etc.

What causes the increased risk?

Studies have found that there are various factors that contribute to the above-mentioned pregnancy risks. Some of these factors are:

  • Declining quality of eggs with age
  • Uterus muscles are no longer able to contract properly
  • Changes in progesterone signaling
  • Other progressive health conditions like cardiac problems etc. which are more common in older women

Hence elderly primigravida remains a high-risk pregnancy according to various independent studies done all over the world. There is a significantly increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes and operative obstetric interventions.

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