Pre-wedding diet plans for every bride and groom

A month before the wedding, every to-be-married couple is stressed—there’s the last-minute You’ve got so much to plan, so much to shop—outfits for your haldi, sangeet and the big day as well. While you’ve got these things to be worried about, another of your primary concerns would be if you should follow a diet to appear fit and radiant. Should I go on a crash diet? Or opt for something else. 

We’ve got a host of dieticians and nutritionists offering you the perfect diet that’ll help you look stunning ravishing, and above all, fit. Here’s what Dt. Vidhi Chawla, Dietitian Gauri Anand, Dt. Deepti Lokeshappa and Kavita Devgan, Weight management consultant recommend.

Try out a rainbow salad

According to Chawla, Founder of Fisico Diet Clinic, a rainbow salad is one the best things to get you started. It includes green leafy veggies (extremely low in calories yet abundant in nutrients and antioxidants), tomatoes (Lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes, inhibits skin ageing and offers it a healthy glow, along with its acidic nature helping towards preventing acne, pimples, and dark spots.), beetroots (anti-inflammatory qualities, vitamins, and minerals that make your skin sparkle and prevent acne), sweet corn (sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fats are all absent from this low-fat food. It is fibre-rich and high in vitamin C. Improves skin texture, slows down the ageing process, gets rid of acne scars on the face, and strengthens hair strands) and lastly, carrot (rich in Vitamin A and C, helps the body make more collagen, which slows the signs of ageing, reduces acne and scarring, brightens the complexion, and lightens tanned skin.)

Don’t forget your proteins

You know something’s important, when not one, not two but all three experts say it’s a must have. Yes, we’re talking about proteins. “The diet must include foods high in protein such as soya,tofu, paneer, chickpeas, rajma, etc. These foods will aid in your body’s collagen building,” says Chawla.  While Devgan, speaker and author of 5 best-sellers including her latest ‘The Immunity Diet’ suggests having proteins in your food four times a day, Anand, the Founder of Balanced bites by Gauri tells us about the what. “Proteins must be consumed for strength and body tissue repairing. You can obtain proteins from the following foods: whole grains, fish, nuts, beans, etc.”

F for friends, F for fruits

For those worried about how their skin is going to look, all they need to do, according to Chawla, is eat a lot of fruit. Here’s the best of the lot. 

Apples: Excellent skin toners that tighten skin and increase blood flow to the top layer of skin. Apples contain antioxidant qualities as well.

Strawberries: Being strong antioxidants, strawberries aid in preventing oxidation damage, which causes ageing symptoms including lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. They Reinforce the skin’s supporting structures.
Cherries: Cherries include nutrients that nourish the skin, including vitamins and minerals. They act as an anti-inflammatory and aid in the healing and calming of irritated skin. They also aid in cases of UV exposure and solar damage.

Pomegranates: Improves blood flow and leaves skin that is smooth and supple.

These Fruits are essential for increasing blood flow to the scalp, promoting hair development, and volumizing the mane because they are packed with potent antioxidants. Have a bowl full of these fruits first thing in morning to have a bridal glow! 

It’s time to go nuts!

“Important sources of healthy fat for your skincare diet include avocados, nuts, and seeds. The polyunsaturated fats in almonds, figs, walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, quinoa and sesame seeds create the skin’s oil barrier, keeping the skin nourished, supple, and the hair thicker and shinier,” says Chawla before giving us a very smart and practical option. “You have no choice but to eat unhealthy meals outside because of the wedding shopping. You can carry a box of all these nuts and have them wherever you go!” On the other hand, Anand says it could be a very healthy snack alternative. “Instead of opting for calorie-dense cookies, opt for nuts that help overcome cravings and keep your sugar levels in control. Nuts like walnuts and almonds are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids that keep the skin soft and supple. Substituting cookies and biscuits with nuts, not only helps for the skin but to give satiety. This helps in weight management.”

Healthy Carbs 

The best method to stay satisfied is to limit refined carbohydrates and increase complex forms of carbohydrates like whole grain wheat, ragi, oats, brown bread, quinoa, etc. Consume enough lean meat, beans, and lentils to maintain healthy collagen formation and skin tone. These foods are rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Go for whole grains over refined

Pick out whole grain food like wheat, jowar, and bajra over refined flour products. Whole grains are rich in fibre, which helps to regulate bowel movements and prevents constipation. This also helps with detox and gives you healthier and glowing skin. Reducing refined food items definitely help in reducing those extra kilos. 

Say no to a crash diet

Do you want to know the one thing that the three experts agree in unison? It’s not to follow a crash diet. Why? “A crash diet shouldn’t be followed because that can hamper the skin and cause adverse effects to the health as well. Following any diet plan that refrains you from eating food of your choice and cut the necessary nutrients from the diet can further create health complications while lowering down the energy levels and that perfect glow,” says Anand. Chawla, too, says no to a crash diet. “It’s not right to do a crash diet as it leads to many issues in our body like it loses skin glow, hair fall, nutrition deficiency, fatigue, lethargic, etc. and on the D-Day whatever makeup you apply wont glow if your skin isn’t good from inside. In order to prepare your body for the various milestones that will come your way subsequently, it is crucial to eat a balanced diet.” 

Always stay hydrated

“While preparing for the big D-day, you must not forget on keeping a check on your water intake. While 6 to 8 glasses are recommended every day, one should make sure to have at least 12 glasses of water for healthy-looking skin. Water helps to provide moisture to your skin and is also known to suppress your appetite so that you don’t overeat. Hydrating fruits or soups can also support this requirement,” says Anand.

What not to do

Never skip your meals

In this entire process of choosing what to eat, not once must you ever decide to eat less or not eat at all. “Your body at all times needs the energy to function, so do not skip meals. Instead, find nutritious substitutes, for example, fat-free milk or green tea to cut down on caffeine intake. If you skip meals, then you might suffer from body weakness and dizziness. Therefore, consume small frequent meals rather than skipping any meal of the day,” shares Anand. “If you starve yourself, eat less or skip means, you’re simply not going to lose weight. What may happen is that your metabolism might result in you gaining weight due to this and we do not want that.” 

It’s more to do besides the food we eat

The days before the big day are no less than a pressure-cooker situation. Devgan tells us what to do. “You have to keep your energy levels up, be stress free and not panic. Also, with the pressing need to reduce weight and look fit, do stand on the weighing scale just once a week. Do not pressurize yourself by doing this every day. Eat the things that you like. We call them happy foods—comfort food and nutrient-rich food. Another one to reduce the stress is to set a reasonable and realistic weight-loss target and not fall prey to quick weight loss schemes. It’s an important event of your life so do you best to not mess your body up. And last, but not the least is sleep. It’s best to have your meals three hours before your bedtime. This way, you give your body time to burn off the excess material so that there’s better digestion.” 

It’s a simple daily time table to follow

Lokeshappa, Senior Consultant, Nutritionist, and Dietitian, Motherhood Hospital, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, tells you what to do

Morning: eating 4-5 soaked almonds is beneficial because almonds are packed with Vitamin E which keeps your skin youthful
Breakfast: Adding protein to your diet such as eggs along with fruits is beneficial   
Snack: One may also add salads to your diet filled with chickpeas, sprouts, cucumbers, and tomatoes with a simple dressing of lemon juice and pepper.
Lunch: Adding whole grain wheat or pulses and rice or roti along with leafy vegetables for lunch
Dinner: For dinner, a light meal consisting of a protein such as chicken can be added to your meal.