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How Parents Influence Teen Driving: Being A Positive Influence.

Parental Influence on Teen Driving, pediatrition near me
How Parents Influence Teen Driving: Being A Positive Influence.

Importance of Parental Influence on Teen Driving Behavior

The New driving report from the Allstate foundation highlights that teens consider their parents the biggest influence on their behavior. The survey has concluded that 84% of parents indulge in speeding and 79% of teens have admitted that their parents exceeded the speed limit while driving. While 88% of parents acknowledge using cell phones while driving, 87%teens indulge in the same. Thus, be it directly or indirectly parents influence teen driving to a large extent. Parents must therefore try to be a positive influence.

Practical Tips for Parents to Promote Safe Teen Driving

Give constant and consistent feedback - newly driving teens expect feedback. But make sure not to be bossy or make fun. Allow a few months of independent driving. This makes room for confidence while driving Even after your teen is licensed, continue to give corrections. Your approach to driving instruction shouldn't be bossy. Be calm and patient. This way, teens will be more receptive. To navigate conversations, discuss the rules together. Indulge in practice sessions. Make sure not to show them your bad habits while driving. Supervise them during rain, fog, dusk times, and on rural roads. Try to expose them to different driving situations.

Practice sessions must be fun instead of looking like a boring journey. Indulge in positive talks and teach them to handle it efficiently. Make a memorable journey while teaching them the basic do's and don'ts.

The Role of Leading by Example in Instilling Safe Driving Habits

Teens learn more by example. Try to make use of all correct rules while driving. From seatbelt to avoiding phone calls, you must be cautious. Teenage is marked by hormonal changes that instil the rush of thrill. A majority of motor vehicle crashes account for the death of teenagers. Rash driving is quite common among teens. The center for disease Control and prevention highlights that six teens 16 - 19 age, are killed in motor vehicle crash every day while the insurance institute for highway Safety says that lack of maturity and experience elevate the crash rate among teen drivers.


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