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Why am I like this?

Why have I become lot more forgetful?

Can I go through this pregnancy for next 9 months?

Will I be a good mother?

I don’t think my husband understands me anymore

These are the few questions which run through a to- be-mom’s thoughts. Pregnancy is a roller-coaster ride with huge excitement. As soon as a woman realizes she is pregnant, she is anxious with also many questions in her mind.

Surge of pregnancy hormones, sleep deprivation, nausea, lack of appetite, anxiousness can cause overwhelming response with her mood. Telling her that its common to have mood swings, alleviating her fears about pregnancy concerns, making her understand that these changes are not permanent could help her go through the pregnancy well.

Hydration, having small frequent meals, good sleep, talking it though to family and friends, gentle exercise, making time for some activities with friends and family should help het to cope up with the mood swings in a positive way.

If anxiety or feeling low symptoms worsen she should seek help with her doctor.

– Madhushree
Motherhood, Hebbal



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