Laparoscopic Treatment for Ectopic Pregnancy

During a normal pregnancy, the egg and sperm meet after which the fertilisation takes place in the fallopian tube. After fertilisation, the fertilised egg moves to the uterus after 4 to 5 days, where it attaches itself and continues to grow for the next nine months. But if the fertilised egg gets implanted in the fallopian tube or anywhere else in the abdomen, it is called an ectopic pregnancy, a condition that requires immediate treatment.

What causes an ectopic pregnancy?

The exact reason one has an ectopic pregnancy might never be known. It could be due to fallopian tube damage that might prevents the implantation of the fertilised egg in the uterus. The chances of an ectopic pregnancy are higher if the person has a sexually transmitted disease, pelvic inflammatory disease or has taken fertility treatments like IVF, IUI or fertility drugs.

Ectopic pregnancy Symptoms and Treatment

An ectopic pregnancy occurs within the first few weeks and the symptoms begin with pelvic pain and bleeding. Other symptoms include cramping, vomiting, pain, and dizziness. A pregnancy cannot sustain outside the uterus and hence, ectopic pregnancies must end. The treatment options depend on the diagnosis and finding out how far the pregnancy has progressed, which can be determined by checking the levels of the hCG hormone in the body, one that is made during pregnancy.
For early ectopic pregnancies, the levels of HCG are low and if the fallopian tube has not suffered any damage, a shot of methotrexate is injected to prevent cell growth and to end the pregnancy without causing any damage. In cases where HCG levels are high, symptoms are severe, fallopian tubes are damaged or drug therapy does not work, surgery is the next option.
Laparoscopic surgery is preferred by surgeons as it requires minimal incision which means less damage and faster recovery. In cases where the damage or bleeding is severe, a regular surgical procedure might be required and sometimes the fallopian tubes might even be removed.

Recovery and life after an ectopic pregnancy

After the surgery, the doctors monitors HCG levels to ensure everything returns back to normal and if required, they even give a dose of methotrexate. You can return to your routine after a few days but ensure that you don’t exert yourself too much for some time.
Don’t worry; you can deliver a healthy baby normally again even after an ectopic pregnancy. But factors that influence this include your chances of infertility, the reason behind your ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube damage, history of sexually transmitted diseases and scarring from the surgery. These factors influence them so, if you get pregnant, your gynecologist will keep you under the ‘high-risk category’ to ensure that you have a smooth and safe pregnancy by keeping a constant watch.

Why Motherhood?

Renowned for its excellence and expertise in women’s health care, Motherhood’s diverse team of highly qualified doctors are well adept at performing laparoscopic surgeries like ectopic pregnancy with utmost precision and care. Our well-trained staff, modern facilities and well-equipped laboratories provide you with the best treatment when it comes to laparoscopic surgeries. Motherhood hospitals are your one-stop solution for women’s health and surgical care.


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