2nd Trimester

The second trimester includes the three middle months of your pregnancy, starting from week 13 till week 27. Though every pregnancy is different and unique in its own way, there are high chances that you may feel more energetic in the second trimester as compared to the first. You will gradually see your abdomen grow in size significantly, and you may even start feeling the baby’s movements in this phase. We at Motherhood Hospitals are dedicated to providing complete attention and care during this vital phase of pregnancy.

Physiological and hormonal changes:

Though the second trimester is the easiest phase for most women, there are some changes in the body that you may find difficult to adapt to:

  • Backaches are very common during the second trimester because of the extra weight you’ve been putting on since pregnancy.
  • Bleeding of the gums is also very common in the second trimester. The hormonal changes taking place in the body make the gums more swollen and tender, making it bleed easily.
  • The breasts become enlarged as your body prepares to feed the child. The tenderness during the first trimester might have faded away, but the breasts continue to grow.
  • Hair growths on your head, face, arms, back, etc are also common during the second trimester.
  • You may start to observe delicate flutters in the abdomen due to the movement of the baby (known as quickening).
  • A headache, heartburn, constipation may be lower than in the first trimester but is common due to hormonal changes.

Foetal development during the second trimester:

The foetus undergoes the following changes as the weeks pass:

Week 13: The baby’s intestines have moved to the abdomen and the vocal cords develop. The symptoms of the first trimester have almost faded and you may notice milky white vaginal discharge, which is totally normal.

Week 14: Fine hair starts developing which keep the baby warm and disappear before birth. Hair also starts developing on the eyebrows and the head. The baby starts to urinate and showing expressions. You may feel more energetic now as the symptoms of the first trimester have worn off.

Week 15: The taste buds of the baby develop and the baby can now sense light. The baby is almost the size of the palm of the hand and can move, curl, and even hiccup. You may experience slight nosebleeds and gum bleeds during this time.

Week 16: The baby can now hear your voice and the eyes and ears start taking more definite shapes. In the coming few weeks, the baby will grow inches in length and double the weight. Your belly starts to show and you suffer from minor backaches due to the extra weight.

Week 17: Baby fat now begins to develop and the heartbeat is normal and controlled by the brain. The spinal cord continues to harden and the eyes are in final place. You may feel your appetite growing, and you may also notice stretch marks on your belly.

Week 18: The nervous system of the baby keeps on developing all the intricate connections for perceiving. The sense of hearing is already quite developed by this time. You may find it hard to balance as the belly keeps on growing. You may also feel your baby moving around in the belly.

Week 19: The baby is covered with a protective coating (vernix caseosa) which disappears before birth. You may feel leg cramps, increased back pain, hip pain, and joint pain. Consult your doctor if the pain is severe.

Week 21: The eyebrows of the baby have been developed and the baby practices blinking too. Taste buds have also developed and you may finally feel the baby move. Your skin feels irritated and dry and the stretch marks continue to grow and cover your breasts as they expand.

Week 22: The baby now resembles a miniature version of a newborn. The baby can hear your heartbeat, stomach sounds, and sounds of blood circulation. The size of your feet and navel increases due to relaxin hormone.

Week 23: Veins and arteries continue to develop giving the baby a reddish hue. The lungs have also begun to develop. You may witness dark discoloration around your forehead, nose, eyes, etc. This is melasma (the mask of pregnancy) and is nothing to worry about as it disappears after delivery.

Week 24: The taste buds, eyes, ears, eyelashes, etc are fully developed and the brain and lungs continue to develop. The baby almost occupies the womb as it continues to grow. You may feel a tingling sensation or dull ache in your fingers or hands.

Week 25: The baby keeps on putting fat, and the wrinkled skin continues to smoothen. The baby has developed a sense of direction and knows which is up and which is down. Your belly has significantly grown in size and the backache may get worse if not managed properly.

Week 26: The eyes open, and the baby starts practicing breathing by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. You may experience some bloating as the uterus moves up against the stomach.

Week 27: The baby sleeps at regular intervals, sucks thumb, and hiccups regularly. As you are at the end of the second trimester, you may experience excessive swelling in the wrists, hands, legs, etc.

Why Motherhood?

Motherhood provides complete prenatal care facilities which include the following:

  • Anomaly Scan
  • Tetanus injections
  • Regular gynaec consultation at an interval of one month
  • Urine checkup
  • Haemoglobin tracking
  • Physiotherapist consultation for backaches etc
  • Dietician consultation

All of the above consultations and tests are very important during the second trimester. Motherhood’s well trained and experienced team of doctors, nurses, and state of the art facilities are constantly at your service to provide the best possible care.


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